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A Royal Wager

Series: By Request
Kristi Gold

ISBN: 9780263268751


A Royal Wager…

Persuading the Playboy King

Newly crowned king, Marc DeLoria is fighting his primal feelings for old flame Kate. Should he give into them and become tabloid gossip—or show himself as a strong ruler? The more time he spends with Kate, the more he realise that not only is the crown in jeopardy, his heart is in danger too!

Unmasking the Maverick Prince

Her assignment was to interview millionaire Mitch Warner, the Maverick Prince, not to sleep with him! But Mitch soon had Tori Barnett entering into a scorching affair that hadn’t been part of her agenda. Nor had she counted on the unexpected result of their union.…

Daring the Dynamic Sheikh

Fiery beauty Raina Kahlil was content until her long-absent fiancé, Sheikh Dharr Halim, came to whisk her back to his kingdom—to visit her family, not to marry her. But now it could be impossible to resist the palpable heat between them…