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Brides & Bargains

Series: By Request
Kristi Gold, Maureen Child and Yvonne Lindsay

ISBN: 9780263274851


Brides & Bargains

In Pursuit of His Wife
Nasira Edwards has come to Royal, Texas, to escape her past and stop her brother from making a terrible mistake. But her own marital mistake has tracked her down. Her husband, shipping magnate Sebastian Edwards!

A Bride for the Boss
Andi Beaumont has a dilemma: she’s wedded to her job, when she really wants to wed her boss, Mac McCallum. The only solution: quit and save herself from heartbreak. But Mac isn’t having it…

The Wife He Couldn’t Forget
After an accident leaves Xander Jackson with no memory, he doesn’t realise he walked out on his marriage. And his wife Olivia grabs this chance to start over with the man she still desires.It’s the biggest gamble of her life…and everything depends on reclaiming his heart.