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Heart Of Courage

Series: By Request
Sue MacKay, Amy Ruttan and Karin Baine

ISBN: 9780263274608


Heart of Courage

The Army Doc's Baby Bombshell

Surviving a bomb blast together led to a night of passion between army docs Cooper Daniels and Sophie Ingram. But the next day Cooper shipped out, leaving Sophie with a lasting reminder of their desire! Now they have a family, can Cooper offer Sophie his heart?

Taming Her Navy Doc

Erica Griffin once saved a Navy SEAL in the dead of night. Five years on he has a name: Captain Thorne Wilder – her new commanding officer! And he’s just as gorgeous as Erica remembers…but now, totally off-limits!

The Courage To Love Her Army Doc

Dr Joe Braden took the posting as locum on a remote Fijian island to escape his memories. He did expect captivating Dr Emily Clifford. She’s been burnt before but if she can find the courage to love her army doc she can claim the happy ever after she’s dreamed of…