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The Kalliakis Crown

Series: By Request
Michelle Smart

ISBN: 9780263274554


The Kalliakis Crown

Talos Claims His Virgin

Talos Kalliakis, the youngest Prince of Agon, has found the perfect gift the King’s Jubilee gala – the talents of exquisite violinist Amalie Cartwright. But convincing Amalie to perform will require all of power and charm!

Theseus Discovers His Heir

Prince Theseus—second in line to the throne of Agon—is rumoured to have fathered a secret love child with royal biographer Joanne Brooks. How will Joanne react when the commanding Prince wants to claim his child and his bride?

Helios Crowns His Mistress

It’s public knowledge that Crown Prince Helios is bound to marry the Princess of Monte Cleure; but the discovery of his secret lover, Amy Green, could shatter the kingdom. Is he willing risk his crown to marry his mistress?