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Hot Boss / Wild Wedding Hookup

Series: Dare
Anne Marsh and Jamie K. Schmidt

ISBN: 9780263277593


Hot Boss

Bedroom besties…

With his friends Max and Dev, Jack Reed is royalty in Silicon Valley. As a venture capitalist, nothing gets his heart pumping like the right deal. So when his friend and business partner Hazel proposes they partner up in the bedroom, he can’t resist! And he can’t give her up…

Wild Wedding Hookup

A South Beach Affair…

Resort concierge Mikelina Presley is distraught when a groom-to-be disappears from his own bachelor party. With a lucrative commission at risk, she enlists gorgeous groomsman Bastian Ainsworth to help find him. But their fiery chemistry proves dangerously distracting! Can a sexy Florida fling become something deeper?