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Intoxicated / Sin City Seduction

Series: Dare
Taryn Belle, Margot Radcliffe

ISBN: 9780263277548



Mixing business with pleasure…
…is a dangerous game!

Lifelong bachelor James Ellison has been set up with bridesmaid Laina Rose at a wedding on tropical Moretta―and he has a professional avour to ask her. When he discovers Laina is wary of intimacy after a nasty break-up, James enjoys reawakening her desires and bringing her fantasies to life…but Laina’s furious when she learns of his agenda. Can James abandon his womanizing ways and win Laina back?

Sin City Seduction

She can handle the heat.
But can she handle him?

Food critic Parker Jones is certain that the most delicious thing in this Las Vegas barbeque joint is the restaurant’s smoking-hot owner. And NFL-quarterback-turned-restaurateur Hugh Matteson might prove too delicious to resist. But neither of them can afford for this to get serious. Besides, when you’re cooking with a fire this hot, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets burned…