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Teach Me / Getting Dirty

Series: Dare
Caitlin Crews and Rachael Stewart

ISBN: 9780263277494


Teach Me

‘Ask me for what you want…’

Socialite Erika Vanderburg has finally gained access to Berlin's most exclusive sex club. She’s here for one person: Dorian Alexander, who wants her complete delicious surrender. But can a stubborn socialite submit to the one man she's always wanted…and risk unleashing her true self?

Getting Dirty

Getting deliciously dirty…

Ash Livingston works for the good guys. His job is simple: get the dirt on Coco Lauren, a princess of a socialite who talks—and plays—dirty. But now he's kissed her. He's tasted her. And she's undone him in every way. Now he’s the bad guy. How does he tell Coco the truth…when it means losing her?