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The Last Affair / The Love Cure

Series: Dare
A.C. Arthur and Cara Lockwood

ISBN: 9780263297911


A little anonymity… can show you who you really are!

After months of hot online verbal foreplay, New York fashion executive Desta Henner is ready to meet her sexy stranger. Except that ‘Dear Lover 1686’ is Maurice Gold, dark and delicious glitterati millionaire…and Desta's coworker and friend. Now they have one weekend to explore their first—and last—illicit hook-up. But will what happens between them follow them back to their regular lives—and change them forever?

A secret heir, a beautiful stranger… and one sexy bucket list!

Liam Lange lives a sedate life until a wild night with a stranger. Is it the bed-breaking desire, the fact that they’ve just met …or the woman herself? Cecily Nichols sweeps him into a mind-numbing night of physical release…and intimacy. But she comes with a sad secret, that she only has a year left. Do they weather the good and the bad…or cut off their intense connection to protect each other?