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A Bet With Benefits

Series: Desire
Karen Booth and Anna DePalo

ISBN: 9780263271935


A Bet With Benefits By Karen Booth

Can she stay away from her irresistible ex?

Don’t bet on it!

When Mindy Eden is bet she can’t attend a wedding as her ex’s plus one without falling for him again, Mindy stakes her future to prove she’s over Sam. Will a week of passion with Sam be the one gamble she’s ready to take?

Power Play By Anna DePalo

When the goal is seduction,

Not just any play will do….

Irresistible. That’s sports tycoon Jordan Serenghetti in a nutshell. But Jordan’s physical therapist, Sera Perini, must resist. She has good reasons—their families’ connections, her professional ethics and a kiss the filthy-rich athlete doesn’t even remember…