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A Cinderella Seduction

Series: Desire
Karen Booth and Tessa Radley

ISBN: 9780263271874


A Cinderella Seduction by Karen Booth

An overnight heiress meets the man of her dreams— and her newfound family’s worst nightmare.

Discovering she’s a part of a famous retail dynasty has given Emma Stewart a place to belong. Meeting a seductive stranger makes her rags-to-riches transformation complete. But Daniel Stone is secretly carrying out revenge against her new family and the clock is ticking on their secret affair…

A Tangled Engagement by Tessa Radley

She must marry a stranger or lose a fortune.

But she’ll be another man’s fake fiancée first…

Georgia Kinnear’s tyrant of a father has a new demand: wed a man of his choosing or lose her legacy. But Jay Black, Georgia’s sexy corporate confidante, makes Georgia his fake fiancée first! Neither can deny their explosive chemistry that could blow up her father’s plans. Unless Jay’s secrets catch up with them…