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After Hours Attraction / His Perfect Fake Engagement

Series: Desire
Kianna Alexander and Shannon McKenna

ISBN: 9780263282856


After Hours Attraction by Kianna Alexander

Her boss is off limits, but their chemistry is off the charts.

Ainsley Voss shouldn’t be having such steamy fantasies about taking her boss, Atlanta music mogul Grant Woodson to bed. The sexy bachelor was burned by his last office romance and refuses to go down that road again. Until a storm leaves them stranded. Alone. Together. But once they’ve crossed that line, is there no turning back?

His Perfect Fake Engagement by Shannon McKenna

When it comes to bad boys, rules are made to be broken

While not all of Drew Maddox’s playboy reputation is deserved, a recent scandal means he has one last shot to be named CEO of his family’s company—as long as he settles down. Bright, beautiful and squeaky clean, Jenna Sommers will make the perfect fake fiancée. Drew promises Jenna whatever she desires…but what she desires is him!