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An Unexpected Scandal / One Wild Kiss

Series: Desire
Jules Bennett and Jessica Lemmon

ISBN: 9780263279207


An Unexpected Scandal by Jules Bennett

They work so well together
in so many ways….

Nick Campbell’s life has been upended. His hated rival is the father he never knew and Nick’s architect, Silvia Lane, is having his baby. Now it’s time for the billionaire to regain control. First step: get Silvia to marry him. But she has her own plans for how things should go, and she wants real love or nothing!

One Wild Kiss by Jessica Lemmon

“I vow to have you in bed by midnight.”

A road trip with Brannon Knox definitely won’t help Addison Abrams get over her huge crush on her billionaire boss. Especially when the itinerary includes an exotic masquerade ball. Before the night’s out, Addison is living her most thrilling fantasy. But will this fling take them to heartbreak or happy-ever-after?