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At The Rancher's Pleasure / Craving A Real Texan

Series: Desire
Joss Wood and Charlene Sands

ISBN: 9780263282832


At the Rancher's Pleasure by Joss Wood

He bailed on a wedding to the wrong woman!

Runaway groom Brett Harston has long been the subject of town gossip—and so has Sarabeth Edmonds, who’s returned after leaving her hateful ex-husband. Soon an innocent kiss to rile the rumour mill unleashes a red-hot attraction they can’t resist. Will the wealthy rancher fall hard—or will she be the one to run this time?

Craving a Real Texan by Charlene Sands

For this personal chef, things are about to get extremely personal

Chef, Harper Dawn flees to Texas in disguise after a reality dating show disaster. Hiding out at a luxury cabin means posing as personal chef to CEO Cade Tremaine. Cade should be off-limits—he’s grieving a painful loss. But they have serious sparks. Will they both get a second chance…or will her secret stand in the way?