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Big Shot

Series: Desire
Katy Evans and Reese Ryan

ISBN: 9780263271881


Big Shot by Katy Evans

He always gets his way…

until he meets his match.

Sexy bachelor and workaholic William Walker, needs help with a baby, and he turns to the one person he knows can help, ex-employee India Crowley. The problem is India hates William, he’s the reason she quit her job. But she agrees to help, and soon begins to realise there is a fine line between hate and desire…

Off Limits Lovers by Reese Ryan

Everything is bigger in Texas

…especially temptation!

For attorney Roarke Perry, Annabel Currin is about as forbidden as it gets. A justjilted bride, gorgeously sexy… and the daughter of his father's nemesis. The sexual currents between him and his client should have been warning enough. Now they're both playing with fire. And someone will get burned…