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Black Tie Billionaire

Series: Desire
Naima Simone and Jules Bennett

ISBN: 9780263271928


Black Tie Billionaire By Naima Simone

He’s everything she wants…and shouldn’t have.

During a blackout, heiress Shay Neal leaves a gala with the man she knows she wants but shouldn’t have—Gideon Knight, her brother’s worst enemy. Except he doesn’t know who she is. But now she’s his fake fiancé, his way of settling the score with her brother. And Gideon still doesn’t know the truth about that night…

California Secrets By Jules Bennett

Will he still love her every touch…

when he finds out who she really is?

For years, Ethan Michaels has plotted to reclaim the resort his mother founded. His plan never included a lover, or a pregnancy. But his desire-fueled fling with Harper Williams results in just that. But what will happen when he finds out Harper’s father is the very man who stole everything from Ethan years ago.