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Blind Date With The Spare Heir

Series: Desire
Yahrah St. John and Charlene Sands

ISBN: 9780263283020


Blind Date with the Spare Heir by Yahrah St. John

She wants the truth. He wants her!

Elyse Harper is intent on revenge on the powerful Lockett family – the family that swindled her father out of his share of their football dynasty. Sexy Julian Lockett, the second son, is being pressured to settle down so pretending to be lovers is easy. But can Elyse keep her mind on her goal when things become more heated?

The Fake Engagement Favour by Charlene Sands

Can a country music superstar save his career by pretending to be in love?

Rocked by scandal, country singer Gage Tremaine’s career must clean up his act. An engagement to straitlaced Gianna Marino could do the PR trick. Gage and Gianna had a fractious relationship growing up but their families go way back, so Gianna agrees. She’s not his usual type, so Gage considers her a safe choice. Until he sees a new side to her, and all bets are off!