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Claimed By A Steele / Her Texas Renegade

Series: Desire
Brenda Jackson and Joanne Rock

ISBN: 9780263279221


Claimed by a Steele by Brenda Jackson

Is this playboy ready
for the wildest ride of his life?

A PR stunt would be good for business so trucking CEO Gannon Steele invites reporter Delphine Ryland to hitch a ride cross-country. But soon the trip turns from strictly business to strictly pleasure, and the consequences might be more than this rough-and-ready bachelor can handle….  

Her Texas Renegade by Joanne Rock

Mixing business and pleasure with a former flame,
she’s bound to get burned…

Wealthy widow and business owner Miranda Dupree needs a security expert, and her ex, bad-boy-hacker-turned-security-magnate, Kai Maddox, is perfect for the job. But can they keep their steamy, tumultuous romance in the past when the renegade billionaire is so darned tempting?