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Consequences Of Passion / Twin Games In Music City

Series: Desire
Yahrah St. John and Jules Bennett

ISBN: 9780263282870


Consequences of Passion by Yahrah St. John

When a winning bachelor bid leads to unexpected consequences…

Psychologist Shantel Wilson surprises herself by attending a bachelor auction as a favour to her friend—and bidding on his older brother! But the outcome of her steamy night with Roman Lockett, scion to an Atlanta football dynasty? She’s expecting. Now Roman wants to claim her—and his heir— yet Shantel needs more than a marriage of convenience from this man who put passion in her


Twin Games in Music City by Jules Bennett

Country superstar Hannah Banks has a problem.

The owner of her new label makes her mouth water! So, she poses as her twin sister and vows not to fall for his charm… But Will Sutherland doesn’t play games. He wants the real Hannah—in his studio and in his bed—as long as it stays their secret. Then an old rival stirs up gossip, and Hannah and Will must choose between playing the press or playing for keeps…