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Homecoming Heartbreaker / Who's The Boss Now?

Series: Desire
Joss Wood and Susannah Erwin

ISBN: 9780263282986


Homecoming Heartbreaker by Joss Wood

’You’re the one who left, remember?’

How could he ever forget?

Celebrated entrepreneur Mack Holloway has come home to care for his foster dad and save his family’s once-luxurious resort. But to accomplish either he must face his past—the woman he left without a word, resort manager Molly Haskell. He’s never admitted what drove him away. But Molly is keeping secrets of her own that could bring them to the brink…

Who's the Boss Now? by Susannah Erwin

She wants what’s hers…

And the boss who stands in her way.

Marguerite Delacroix must regain possession of her family’s vineyards. When she’s caught sneaking into the winery, she comes face-to-face with the new owner—tech titan Evan Fletcher. Who gives her a job! Now she’s waiting for her chance to claim her inheritance. But their off-the-charts chemistry threatens to throw her right into the deep end with her off-limits boss!