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Ruthless Pride / Scandalous Reunion

Series: Desire
Naima Simone and Jules Bennett

ISBN: 9780263279238


Ruthless Pride by Naima Simone

Pride made him what he is.
But desire might change him forever…

Millionaire CEO Joshua Lowell is determined to stop gorgeous reporter Sophie Armstrong dredge up his family's dark past—or circulate rumours of his secret child. But Joshua's fierce pride is at war with his heated desire for Sophie, the only woman who could ruin him… or save him from himself.

Scandalous Reunion by Jules Bennett

“Did you think I’d kiss you
and then agree to your terms?”

Tennessee attorney Maty Taylor is being blackmailed and must persuade ex-lover—billionaire bourbon maker Sam Hawkins—to sell his priceless distillery. But Sam refuses the offer, even as renewed desire surges between them. But will his hidden agenda cost him a second chance with Maty?