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Texas-Sized Scandal

Series: Desire
Katherine Garbera and Charlene Sands

ISBN: 9780263271911


Texas-Sized Scandal By Katherine Garbera

“I have no self-control around you.”

Now they're the talk of Texas…

Melinda Perry has always been the well-behaved twin—until Slade Bartelli. All Melinda knows is that his touch is hotter than fire… and now she's expecting his baby. A fake engagement might protect them from tabloid gossip. But will Melinda's reputation—and heart—be safe given Slade's dangerous past?

Stranded and Seduced By Charlene Sands

When he loses his memory…

Should she pretend to be the woman he loves?

When ex lovers Risk Boone and April Adams are stranded together at a remote lodge, there’s no denying their still simmering attraction. But when Risk hits his head and wakes up thinking April’s his fiancée… Will she tell him the truth…or go along for the ride?