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That Night In Texas

Series: Desire
Joss Wood and Lauren Canan

ISBN: 9780263271799


That Night in Texas by Joss Wood

‘That night…why did you leave?’

Nearly dying in the aftermath of a storm is shock enough for Vivi Donner. Waking to find her sexy one-night stand—and father of her secret child— standing by her hospital bed? Heart-stopping. Now Camden McNeal is determined to be a part of their lives!


Marriage at Any Price by Lauren Canan

Who will pay the price?

She lost her ranch to the Masters men, so why is Ally Kincaid now offering herself as Seth Masters’ in-name-only bride? Because she’ll get her land back, while Seth will get his share of the family fortune. But once they share a bed, will Ally get her heart back in the bargain?