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Waking Up Married / How To Live With Temptation

Series: Desire
Reese Ryan and Fiona Brand

ISBN: 9780263282849


Waking Up Married by Reese Ryan

What’s wrong with a little fake marriage between friends?

When Zora Abbott and Dallas Hamilton awaken in a Vegas hotel room, they’re man and wife. With news of the nuptials spreading, the high-profile best friends decide to stay married, temporarily. But can their friendship survive their newly unleashed passions?

How to Live with Temptation by Fiona Brand

He’s never had trouble walking away, until Allegra.

To keep control of his company’s shares, Tobias Hunt must spend a month living with his ex-lover. Surely, he can deny his attraction to Allegra Mallory that long, especially after she announces she’s engaged. But when he discovers Allegra faked her relationship for him, all bets are off. Because some desires are worth the risk.