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A Judge's Secrets / Colton 911: Secret Defender

Series: Heroes
Danica Winters and Marie Ferrarella

ISBN: 9780263283464


A Judge's Secrets

by Danica Winters

She fights for truth, but it could get her killed…

Judge Natalie DeSalvo never feared revenge from those she convicted, but after her mentor is poisoned and her car is bombed, she knows she's not safe. Who wants her dead? And why? Trusting military contractor Evan Spade to protect her and search for her assailant leads to shocking secrets… while trusting her heart leads to danger she never imagined.

Colton 911: Secret Defender

by Marie Ferrarella

A former boxer must KO the threat to her life

When he meets skittish Felicia Wagner, ex-boxer Aaron Colton immediately senses she's hiding something, and he makes it his mission to figure out what…and soon discovers Felicia is keeping a dangerous secret. A threat from her past looms large over her present, and Aaron offers to keep her safe. Even if that means resisting their mutual attraction and risking it all…