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A Stranger On Her Doorstep / Searching For Evidence

Series: Heroes
Julie Miller and Tyler Anne Snell

ISBN: 9780263283457


A Stranger on Her Doorstep

by Julie Miller

He’s in danger. If only he could remember why…

Ava Wallace feels safe in her remote cabin—until a wounded man collapses at her door. He remembers being a marine, but has no idea who left him for dead in the mountains of Wyoming. As the stranger begins to recover his memory, he and Ava begin to trust each other. But every recollection brings them closer to a deadly revelation…

Searching for Evidence

by Tyler Anne Snell

Looking for answers, they uncover a deadly plan

When he takes a job to prove himself, fate introduces Deputy Marco Rossi to Bella Greene—a smalltown beauty terrorized by a mysterious stalker. The handsome lawman is a professional loner, working 24/7 with armour around his heart. But as they discover clues leading to the truth, crucial evidence must take priority over the feelings suddenly breaking through his walls.