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A Threat To His Family / Tactical Force

Series: Heroes
Delores Fossen and Elle James

ISBN: 9780263280135


A Threat to His Family by Delores Fossen

He'll protect his child at any cost.

After discovering an intruder in his home, Deputy Owen Slater is terrified when he can't find his infant daughter, until he discovers his ranch manager Laney Martin keeping her safe. But to get to the truth of the break-in they'll need to work as a team -and share secrets buried long ago.

Tactical Force by Elle James

Their search for an assassin makes her the next target.

With a threat on the US President’s life it’s all-out war for former marine Jack Snow. But when he is tasked with protecting DC staff Anne Bellamy, his mission takes him undercover into Washington’s power circles. Can he protect his country and the woman who's become far more than just an asset to him?