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Brace For Impact / Colton Baby Conspiracy

Series: Heroes
Janice Kay Johnson and Marie Ferrarella

ISBN: 9780263280159


Brace for Impact by Janice Kay Johnson

Can she trust a stranger?

The sole survivor of a deliberate plane crash, Maddy Kane has gone from protected witness to roaming target. Lost in the wilderness, Maddy is forced to trust the stranger who came to her aid. No mere hiker, Will Gannon is former Delta Force. But with survival a long shot, can the two become allies, and maybe more—before it's too late?

Colton Baby Conspiracy by Marie Ferrarella

Sleeping with the enemy might just risk her life

When her family business is put at risk, Marlowe Colton must keep everybody calm. But she's got a worse personal crisis—a surprise pregnancy, thanks to a one-night stand with arch-rival Bowie Robertson. Suddenly, Marlowe must fend off threats to her company and the man she'd never expected to care for.