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Cold Case At Cardwell Ranch / Decoding A Criminal

Series: Heroes
B.J. Daniels and Barb Han

ISBN: 9780263283440


Cold Case at Cardwell Ranch

by B.J. Daniels

Secrets threaten a woman with everything to lose

A discovery at the bottom of an abandoned well leads detective Waco Johnson to Cardwell Ranch— and a thirty-year-old unsolved homicide. When evidence points to Ella Cardwell’s missing mother as the murderer, Waco needs Ella’s help. Her search for answers uncovers family secrets that could break the case wide open…and thrust Ella and Waco into a killer's sights.

Decoding a Criminal

by Barb Han

He needs her to solve a crime, but wants much more

Dashiell West’s sister is in trouble. Big trouble. And recruiting computer whiz Raina Andress to work with him is his only hope. Raina knows her friend would never embezzle millions. But join forces with the sexy agent from her past and risk her heart again? Dangerous. Tracking a deadly mastermind willing to sacrifice them all for his nefarious plan? Deadly.