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Cold Case Colorado / Colton's Killer Pursuit

Series: Heroes
Cassie Miles and Tara Taylor Quinn

ISBN: 9780263283235


Cold Case Colorado

by Cassie Miles

Can he keep her from being the next to vanish?

Ghost-writing her uncle’s memoir is Vanessa Whitman’s chance to escape a stalker. But when a body is discovered in a locked room of the celebrity chef’s Colorado castle, one linked to a twelve-year-old unsolved case, everyone in Vanessa’s family could be potential killers. Protecting Vanessa thrusts Sheriff Ty Coleman into a hornet’s nest of greed -and passion!

Colton’s Killer Pursuit

by Tara Taylor Quinn

Someone framed Everleigh Emerson…who?

Everleigh Emerson just escaped wrongful conviction for murder. That doesn’t mean she’s safe. After Clarke Colton witnesses an attempt on her life, the P.I. convinces Everleigh to let him help her—even if it means pretending to be her boyfriend. Everleigh trusts Clarke to catch the killer… but can she trust the attraction that’s growing between them?