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SVU Surveillance / Rescue Mission: Secret Child

Series: Heroes
Julie Anne Lindsey and Danica Winters

ISBN: 9780263283259


SVU Surveillance

by Julie Anne Lindsey

He’s determined to solve the cold case…

Detective Lucas Winchester never forgot the criminal who brutally attacked his fiancée and shattered their lives forever. Five years later, when Gwen Kind seeks him out looking for help he’s determined to finally solve the haunting cold case. But as hard as Lucas works to keep Gwen safe, it may not be enough to foil her cunning predator…

Rescue Mission: Secret Child                                               

by Danica Winters

Kidnappers have taken their baby. They must find him.

When his ex-fiancée tells him that he’s a father, military contractor Mike Spade is ready to commit to his new family and intelligence operative Summer Daniels is willing to give him another chance. Then their child is abducted. Mike and Summer both have enemies. But can they overcome the past to save their son?