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The Hunting Season / Colton's Undercover Reunion

Series: Heroes
Janice Kay Johnson and Lara Lacombe

ISBN: 9780263280319


The Hunting Season by Janice Kay Johnson

She'd faced dangerous situations before… not like this

Lindsay Engle became a CPS social worker to improve lives. But after a string of murders connected to Lindsay's caseload, Detective Daniel Deperro must find the murderer, and protect Lindey. But will his 24-hour protection enrage the serial killer further–or, worse, expose his true feelings for Lindsay?

Colton's Undercover Reunion by Lara Lacombe

True love, second chances… and a covert mission!

With her family in trouble, Ainsley Colton turns to her ex, ace attorney Santiago Morales. Soon, Santiago asks for help in return…going undercover as husband and wife to expose a dangerous scam. Neither can deny their growing attraction, until “till death do us part” becomes all too real.