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Witness Security Breach / Colton 911: Agent By Her Side

Series: Heroes
Juno Rushdan and Deborah Fletcher Mello

ISBN: 9780263280517


Witness Security Breach by Juno Rushdan

Their only hope is each other

There’s not a target out there that US Marshals Aiden Yazzie and Charlotte Killinger can’t bring down. Until a high-profile witness goes missing and a fellow marshal is murdered. On a killer’s hit list, they go on the run. Their will to stay alive is challenged only by their long-denied physical attraction!

Colton 911: Agent By Her Side by Deborah Fletcher Mello

She'll do anything to track a killer

If P.I. Kiely Colton must work with FBI agent Cooper Winston, she will. But to solve a cold case, she won't change her break-the-rules style to accommodate the single father's by-the-book principles. But Kiely finds herself inexplicably attracted to her new partner. Will a ruthless killer put an end to their future before it begins?