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White Christmas With Her Millionaire Doc / A Gp Worth Staying For

Series: Medical
Becky Wicks and Louisa Heaton

ISBN: 9780263297836


Can Christmas together mend their broken hearts?

Montana ski resort owner and single dad Dr Jax Clayborn doubts the new locum from NYC can survive five minutes in his busy clinic—let alone two months! Until dedicated doctor Ophelia’s kindness towards his son thaws a heart that’s been frozen since his wife died… But Ophelia must return to her own reality and, no matter how tempted she is, a just-for-Christmas romance can’t lead to for ever…can it?

Second chance with the new island doc?

For widowed GP Owen Ledger, the arrival of his replacement, Dr Lucy Childs, is step one on the road to a new life. Only as Owen hands over the practice to warm-hearted Lucy he starts to see everything through fresh eyes. Could Lucy be his final step to a second chance—and show him that he does belong on the island…with her?