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Winter Nights With The Single Dad / A Festive Fling In Stockholm

Series: Medical
Allie Kincheloe and Scarlet Wilson

ISBN: 9780263297812


Two months to change her life!

In this The Christmas Project story, as a TV star, surgeon Stella is suffocated by the pressure to be perfect. So the offer of a temporary job in Toronto three thousand miles away is a chance to break free. There, meeting single dad Dr Aiden and his little boy offers a window into a life she could never have imagined! And now Stella must ask: 'Do I really want to leave?'

Breaking his rules—to win his heart!

In this The Christmas Project story, stepping into Stockholm City Hospital ,visiting specialist Dr Cora Campbell doesn’t expect the brooding head of midwifery, Jonas Nilsson, to get under her skin! Amidst the city’s ice-kissed festivities their electric chemistry is proving hard to resist. As is her challenge to break down Jonas’s defences…