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Witness On The Run / Exposing Colton Secrets

Series: Modern
Cassie Miles and Marie Ferrarella

ISBN: 9780263280401


Witness on the Run by Cassie Miles

Can she unravel the clues before it’s too late?

Amid the revelry of a New Orleans parade, Alyssa Bailey is nearly abducted before investigator Rafe Fournier comes to her defence. Trying to escape whoever has discovered her whereabouts, they soon learn what truths hide in the past. And they're more dangerous than anything Alyssa could have ever imagined…

Exposing Colton Secrets by Marie Ferrarella

Her enemies are close to home

Brooks Colton feels compelled to warn a teacher that she may have a stalker. Gwen Harrison charms him, as does her purpose in moving to Braxville–to find her missing mother. Given his skills, Brooks joins her search and finds relief in protecting her from a growing threat. But some dangers seep through even hardened defenses… and show what is worth fighting for.