With Love From Las Vegas

Series: Special Releases
Cat Schield, Ali Olson and Janice Maynard

ISBN: 9780263280715


Winner takes all

Sebastian Case relies on his irreplaceable assistant, Missy, for everything. Until Missy resigns. But first she offers an outrageous bet…. One spin of the wheel-black and she’ll stay…red and Sebastian owes her one night of passion. What can he lose, except maybe his heart?

In Las Vegas for a hen party, Jessica Gainey decides to throw caution to the wind to be a daring version of herself- with wickedly sexy Aaron Weathers – before returning to ‘normal’ life. But in Vegas, even the greatest odds can have unbelievable—and thoroughly satisfying—payouts!

When Cassidy Corelli’s father disowns her for falling pregnant, she has no place to go but back to Millionaire Gavin Kavanagh, the father of her twins. But cynical Gavin is determined to keep Cassidy out of his bed. If only he could forget their night of passion…