A&E Docs: Her Knight In Shining Armour

Series: Special Releases
Caroline Anderson, Laura Iding and Robin Gianna

ISBN: 9780263282085


Calling the shots

For Dr James Slater, fulfilling his vow to look after his late best friend's wife has never been simple. Especially now that lovely, vital Connie has asked him to help her have a baby. He can't just father her child and then walk away—he wants, and loves, her too much for that. Only, how can he even begin to tell her…?

Nurse Raine Hart has a painful secret, and the one man she wants to keep it from is the only person she can tell—her ex, Dr Caleb Stewart. After struggling to unlock his brooding heart, now Caleb wants another chance. He just needs to prove to Raine that he's a man a woman can rely on—no matter what.

When hospital director Charlotte Edwards throws caution to the wind for one hot, reckless night with Dr Trent Dalton she has no idea it's going to backfire on her so spectacularly—because the next morning she has to bury her pride and ask for his help! When Trent finds out she's been keeping him around under false pretences, he might just have to teach this little minx a lesson… in passion!