A&E Docs: His Baby Surprise

Series: Special Releases
Brenda Harlen, Sue MacKay and Louisa Heaton

ISBN: 9780263281729                            


A tiny bundle of unexpected joy

Dr Avery Wallace knows that an unplanned pregnancy will present her with many challenges – but falling in love with Justin Garrett, her baby’s father, might be the biggest one of all!

When a gunman takes Dr Harper White hostage, Cody Brand’s bravery and quick thinking save the day. But Harper’s determined not to fall for her handsome rescuer… she’s too afraid he’ll run when he discovers her secret.

Widower Major Matt Galloway took the job at London Grace Hospital for his tiny daughter. But he finds himself facing a barrel of emotions on meeting beautiful Dr Brooke Bailey—his late wife’s best friend and single mum to her own baby girl.