A Forever Family

Series: Special Releases
Susanne Hampton, Jessica Matthews and Susan Carlisle

ISBN: 9780263276787


The most precious surprise!

Nurse Jade Grant’s former wild-child existence ended the day she became sole guardian to her newborn niece. Three years on and she’s ‘Miss Sensible’ And she definitely doesn’t have time for men… especially devil-may-care Mitchell Forrester!


When Leah learned that she couldn’t give her beloved husband Dr. Gabe Montgomery the family they'd dreamed of, she knew she needed to walk away even though it broke her heart… but a moment under the fiery Latin sun could change everything…


Running from his past, Dr. Court Armstrong lands straight on the doorstep of a Ghanaian hospital and Nurse Maggie Everett. And he’ll have to keep his distance if he wants his heart to survive…