After Hours: Royal Duty

Series: Special Releases
Kate Hewitt, Maya Blake and Christine Rimmer

ISBN: 9780263300550


Royal Impulse

Shy palace governess Olivia Taylor spends her life being overlooked. Until the night brooding Prince Zayed spirits her away! To reclaim his country, Zayed must wed his betrothed. But when it becomes clear that Olivia is the wrong bride, can they put their mistake right? And with such heated chemistry between them, do they want to…?

Jasmine Nichols would not make a suitable princess. But after an impulsive night with Prince Reyes, she discovers she is carrying his Heir! He should be planning her punishment, not their wedding. But Reyes's cold, tactical marriage is about to be jeopardised by their explosive chemistry and the secrets he uncovers about his new bride…

Marcus is the best man Rhia's ever known, and she's never gotten over their breakup. Then a breathless night that should have brought closure brings something else: a baby! Marcus insists that no child of his will grow up without a mother and father. But Rhia has her own requirement: her child will be raised on love, not obligation.