After Hours: Under Cover Of Night

Series: Special Releases
Harmony Evans, Soraya Lane and Debra Webb

ISBN: 9780263302424


It’s Definitely Personal

Autumn Hilliard is an excellent private investigator. But investment banker Isaac Mason is careful to reveal nothing. Working her way into Issac's world, Autumn intends to find out what makes the millionaire tick – while remaining detached in his enticing presence. But will she pay the ultimate price for giving her trust — and her heart — to the wrong man?

Logan Murdoch is an SAS hero but now takes on a new role as bodyguard for singer Candace Evans. Something about Candace makes him long protect her from the world. But she's suffered too much hurt to open herself up for more. Except how can she keep her distance when every fibre of her being pulls her toward Logan?

Bodyguard Todd Christian has been hired to protect ER nurse Eva Bowman. Not only is she a target for a dangerous gang, but she’s also the woman Todd has never been able to forget. He chose to walk away from her – and the heat between them – once. That’s not a mistake Todd is making again.