Australian Affairs: Seduced

Series: Special Releases
Carol Marinelli, Emily Forbes and Lindsay Armstrong

ISBN: 9780263275285


Some rules are made to be broken…

Nurse Marnie Johnson is too smart to fall for the hospitals inadvertent Romeo! Agreeing to move in, temporarily, to plug his childcare gap is a strictly practical arrangement. Surely she knows him well enough to keep a clear head and a closed bedroom door…?
The emptiness of the Outback couldn’t be more different to London, yet isolation and solitude is just what heartbroken Emma Matheson needs from her Australian escape. But flying medic Harry Connor could be the smouldering surprise she hadn’t bargained on.
Housekeeper's daughter, Mia Gardiner, knew her feelings for multi-millionaire Carlos O'Connor were foolish. Until the day she caught the ruthless playboy’s eye. Now, she is older and wiser Mia, but has never forgotten his touch. Then, like a whirlwind, Carlos returns…