Dynasties: The Lassiters

Series: Special Releases
Robyn Grady, Kristi Gold and Yvonne Lindsay

ISBN: 9780263281392


No one says no to a Lassiter 

The business world trembles at the mere mention of Jack Reed, but Becca Stevens has no such fear. She needs him to end his hostile takeover of Lassiter Media. Jack listens, convinced it’s the perfect opportunity to woo her into his bed. But is he walking right into her trap—one that neither of them will want to escape?

Hannah Armstrong is stunned to find gorgeous lawyer, Logan Whittaker, on her doorstep claiming she's heir to the Lassiter fortune, if she can uncover the truth about her biological father! But can Logan turn their business affairs into something more personal…?

Months after their passionate tryst, Dylan Lassiter can't get Jenna Montgomery out of his mind. Maybe being named CEO of his father's restaurant empire is making the onetime playboy think about settling down. Or maybe it's because Dylan just found out Jenna's having his baby. But is that all Jenna is hiding?