Mavericks: Resisting The Rebel

Series: Special Releases
Michelle Douglas, Nancy Robards Thompson and Leah Ashton

ISBN: 9780263282184


From rebel to knight in shining armour                                          

Losing her family fortune, once-privileged Nell Smythe-Whittaker must make it on her own…with a little help from bad boy Rick Bradford! Rick hasn't seen Nell since childhood, but needs Nell as much as she needs him. Yet with a past like his, can Rick ever be good enough for this beautiful heiress?

When Christopher Fortune Jones left home, he left his past behind him. Now he is simply rich, powerful, successful Christopher Fortune. Except for the chemistry with his employee Kinsley Aaron threatens his secrets. Kinsley has a crush on her sexy new boss, but he never talks about himself, and never lets her get too close. Just what is Christopher Fortune hiding?

Ruby Bell has put scandal and relationships behind her to forge a successful career in film. Then Hollywood actor Devlin Cooper strolls onto her Outback set—fired from his two previous movies, and looking decidedly tempting! The last thing Ruby needs is Dev making outrageous demands and causing her to question her "no romance at work" rule…