Mavericks: Tempting The Bachelor

Series: Special Releases
Susan Carlisle, Sarah M. Anderson and Sandra Steffen

ISBN: 9780263282207


Settling for no less

When big-city trauma doc Taylor Stiles swaps speeding tickets for community medicine, it brings back memories he’s spent years running from. The only silver lining? Delectable local doctor Shelby Wayne! But Shelby deserves white picket fences and a family—something Taylor swore he’d never do…

Jenny Wawasuck knows that millionaire bad boy Billy Bolton is all wrong for her. Until his kisses ignite desires she's long ignored. So she brings him home from the charity bachelor auction. Can a millionaire bad boy and a sweet single mum turn one chance into forever?

Pilot Noah Sullivan has hit some turbulence. A mystery baby left on the Sullivan brothers' doorstep! And, his ex-girlfriend Lacey Bell is back in town! Noah wastes no time seeing Lacey. But Lacey has secrets and no way of knowing how Noah will react when he finds out…