Mills & Boon Stars Collection: Convenient Vows

Series: Special Releases
Sharon Kendrick

ISBN: 9780263275438


An irresistible proposal…

Tired of media scrutiny Princess Sophia is going under cover as a chef. Little does she know that fleeing from her royal world will place her under the devastatingly searing gaze of notorious billionaire Rafe Carter…


Isabella’s first love affair ended in disaster. Pregnant and alone, she flees to the only man she trusts, Paulo Dantas. Paulo feels honour-bound to help his friend, and claiming paternity is the only way. But Isabella’s family expect Paulo and Isabella to marry….

Recovering from an accident playboy Luis Martinez is bored and frustrated. He wants sweet housekeeper Carly Connor to nurse him back to health! When Luis whisks her away to his villa in the south of France, will she be able to resist temptation?