Mistresses: Passionate Revenge

Series: Special Releases
Trish Morey, Chantelle Shaw and Melanie Milburne

ISBN: 9780263280777


Revenge is sweet

Desperate for a job, homeless and penniless housekeeper Cleo Taylor takes up the business offer from billionaire tycoon Andreas Xenides – his fake mistress for a month for one million dollars! But how long can this fake relationship last…

Tahlia Reynolds has wronged the Savakis name, and Thanos Savakis is determined to have his revenge. Seducing her, he plans to have Tahlia at his beck and call—until he finds out she's more unworldly than he first thought….

Five years ago, Ava McGuire betrayed Marc Castellano and married his business rival. Now a penniless widow, Marc has her right where he wants her…not with a ring on her finger, not even in the palm of his hand. But in his bed for as long as he desires….