The Platinum Collection: Surrender to the Devil

Series: Special Releases
Caitlin Crews

ISBN: 9780263931945


Too wicked, too attractive to resist

Theo Markou Garcia needs a wife – or someone who looks strikingly similar to his infamous fiancée. Becca would be the perfect replacement… The deal: masquerade as the Whitney heiress in exchange for a fortune – but do not fall for your husband!

Larissa Whitney escapes to a small secluded island, seeking refuge from the relentless paparazzi. But she’s not alone – Larissa finds herself face to face with Jack… So now she’s trapped with a man she had a wild affair with five years earlier… A man she’s still achingly attracted to!

Drusilla Bennett is ready to take her life back and walk away from the devil by saying ‘I quit!’ But a resignation from the best PA Cayo Vila’s ever had is simply unacceptable. Dru’s heard all about his legendary charm, but now it’s turned on her, she discovers why it’s so hard to say no to Cayo!