The Regency Season: Decadent Dukes

Series: Special Releases
Carole Mortimer

ISBN: 9780263931570


Dukes — dangerous & enthralling

Rufus Drake: Duke of Wickedness

Innocent Anna Bishop needs help and the only man she can turn to is notorious rogue, Rufus Drake. The new Duke’s help comes with strings – he demands a single kiss. There’s just one problem, this kiss unleashes an insatiable desire in both of them.

Griffin Stone: Duke of Decadence

Griffin Stone, Duke of Rotherham is in pursuit of would-be assassins when he comes across Lady Beatrix Stanton, the distracting woman who holds the key to everything — if they can unlock her memories. Every second counts but keeping his mind on the task ahead is proving difficult!

Christian Seaton: Duke of Danger

No one suspects Christian Seaton, Duke of Sutherland, to be a British spy, well not until he kidnaps Lisette Dupree and they flee from French mercenaries. Christian must protect her at all costs — she is the answer to everything he’s been working for. Lisette’s innocence though is a temptation that is becoming increasingly hard to resist!