The Regency Season: Hidden Desires

Series: Special Releases
Anne Herries

ISBN: 9780263931556


No one can tell these men what to do!


Courted by the Captain

After returning home from the war, Captain Adam Miller needs a wealthy bride to keep his family estate. Yet, despite the endless parade of beautiful heiresses, this Captain only has eyes for the exquisite, yet penniless, Jenny Hastings. She has secrets and he needs money, so how can these two say ‘I do’?

Protected by the Major

Bound by marriage to a cruel lord, Madeline no longer dares to remember the innocent love she once shared with Major Hallam Ravenscar. But when her husband offers her favours to a notoriously depraved marquis to settle his debts, Maddie knows she must escape. Her good name compromised, should she turn to honourable Hallam or would she end up tainting him with her shame?